April 2, 2016

Origins of Effic

The short version or the long version?

As with most deep-seeded ideas, Effic (pronounced ‘F’-ick) has its beginnings decades ago. When I was in the fourth grade, I obsessively played an elaborate computer game called ‘In Search of the Most Amazing Thing‘, traveling through mysterious lands, learn the language and customs of bizarre cultures and collect clues to find out what is the most amazing thing. Finally, the guru-mentor Old Smokey, who is your uncle, reveals the most amazing thing, saying: “It’s you kiddo!” I never did officially complete the game by getting the primitive B-liner ship back home, but Smokey’s thought stayed with me and I never stopped searching for the source of that spark in each of us.

I researched self-efficacy, it became the topic of my PhD, and the applications of these self-beliefs to learning and performing became more and more obviously important to all areas of life. I wrote a book for those in education. I began to present at a wide range of events from staff development to educational and corporate CPD, to team building and collaborative facilitation, to community engagement events open to all ages and walks of life. The principles are the cornerstone to my personal and professional practice.

Effic is a short version of self-efficacy, and it has a pretty fun (and accurate) definition in the urban dictionary.

I have come to the joyful realisation that we are each responsible for what we do and what we can do: the struggles, challenges, discoveries, triumphs, even what goes wrong – and sharing that understanding of possibilities and capabilities in a tangible way, is affirming, permission giving, and helps people to identify the skills they can develop to get where they want.

That is what Effic is about.
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