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Corporate Events

In large-scale events, principles of self-efficacy relate to individuals across the managerial spectrum. These are explained and demonstrated by showcasing volunteers and walking them through accomplishing new tasks by using classical musical instruments as a metaphor. Where time allows, everyone can then participate in groups before a plenary discussion of the implications and applications of the concepts to daily settings. With increased awareness and understanding of the mechanisms involved, individuals can make an impact that is felt personally, within a team, and across the corporate environment.

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Team Development

Events for groups of 4-20 develop interpersonal skills essential for the smooth running of any team. Work through a range of communication strategies and problem solving techniques with violins and cellos in your hands, as you come together as a working ensemble- exploring leadership and roles within the group, realising results through these orchestral instruments, and relating the processes back to everyday team functioning. (yes, its fun and it does work)

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Personal Development

Individual consultations tailored for you: Explore and experiment with possibilities, use the physicality of art or music while you encounter the challenge of a new task and have the time and space to discuss and develop your personal vision.

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Refresh and Recharge

These bespoke events are geared toward learning and laughter, allowing people to experience the joys of working and playing together through the fun of using musical instruments – using a variety of sounds and structures we will improvise, create, and play music together, without the added layer of linking it to a direct application. It’s about a bit of fun and is perfectly suited to a wellbeing event or even a private social occasion.

Self-efficacy brings you closer to your potential
Everyone plays a part: Think. Believe. Achieve.

Effic brings you and those you work with an understanding of self-efficacy through direct experience. We present ideas which challeng your critical thinking and problem solving skills, attitudes, and expectations. Integrating principles of experiential learning gives you a fully immersive and unforgettable event. Music is used as a conduit, with experiences tailored to demonstrate the complex principles and underlying transferable skills that are directly applicable to everyday business, educational, and personal settings. There are no requirements to participate, no expectation that people have any musical experience, and events are not designed to turn people into musicians. Musical instruments are used as a tool to give a tangible, effective understanding of developing self-efficacy. Be prepared to smile, laugh, learn, and to surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

  • Listening, watching, moving. Exploring beyond the norm of 'type and talk'

  • Real-time problem solving. Challenging physical and mental. Working as a team.

  • Recognising progress. Presenting feedback. Setting goals.

  • Nothing conveys understanding and achievement like mastery.


Meet the team...

Laura Ritchie

Dr Laura Ritchie is Professor of Learning and Teaching at the University of Chichester, chartered psychologist, cellist, TEDxand author of Yes I Can: Learn to use the Power of Self-efficacy. Laura is vibrant and inspires people to reach beyond their dreams to realize goals through positive achievement.

Catherine Ritchie

Catherine creatively realises concepts through her art. She works in the mediums of pencil, oil paint, and sculpture, and she creates instilations that challenge people’s views and experience of their lives.